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Restaurants&Bar Q&A

Q.Do you have any parking service when we dine at a hotel restaurant?

A: We have parking at the hotel. We issue a free parking ticket for up to 3 hours for a guest who uses a restaurant at the hotel.

Q.Can we request a special menu?

A: We will serve from a menu according to your requests, including for any diet restrictions due to allergies or for religious regions. Please be sure to contact us in advance since we need to prepare the necessary foods.

Q.How about the cancellation charge?

A: Please contact us two days prior to the scheduled day of your reservation if you need to cancel. We generally don't apply a cancellation charge; however, a cancellation charge may be applied in the event that a special menu was requested, or for a group of guests.
For more details, please consult us by phone.

Q.Do you have childcare services?

A: Temporary childcare services are available in the "Kids Square" on the sixth floor.
→Kids Square TEL: +81 75 212 2080 (standard business hours: 10:00-17:00)

Q.Do you have a dress code?

A: There is a dress code at the French restaurant "PITTORESQUE". We ask male guests to wear suit jackets.

Q.Do you have an age requirement?

A: We are sorry, but children under 10 cannot enter the French restaurant "PITTORESQUE".

Q.Do you have non-smoking seats?

A: Excluding the Bar "CHIPPENDALE", all seats at the hotel restaurants are non-smoking.
*We accept requests for smoking or non-smoking when you use a private room.

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