Excursion and Shopping

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Nishiki Food Market

Nishiki Food Market is fresh vegetables and the market of the fresh fish of Kyoto.
and you may obtain the original vegetables of Kyoto.
You walk the Nishiki Food market(Arcade) from a hotel, and it is 10 minutes.


The street between the Kamo River and Kiyamachi from Sanjo to Shijo.
This area is "Kagai" (or hanamachi), but there are many regular restaurants and bars. Pontocho Kaburenjo Theater, popularly known as "Kamogawa Odori", is located near the hotel.


Gion is one of the busiest downtown areas in Kyoto, and is an entertainment district as well.
This area is also "Kagai" where Maiko lives, and there many regular restaurants and bars as well as traditional "ochaya" teahouses and Japanese restaurants.
The area around Hanamikoji Street is designated as a landscaping district for preservation of historical areas.
Please be sure to enjoy viewing the traditional streets.


There are five famous "Kagai (courtesan and geisha district)" in Kyoto: Kamishichiken, Gion Kobu, Gion Higashi, Pontocho, and Miyagawacho.
Collectively, those districts are called "Gokagai".

The term “Maiko” refers to an apprentice Geisha, and this name is used only in Kyoto.
A maiko has her hair done in the traditional Japanese style using her own hair, and wears elegant, long ornamental hair pins arranged together with seasonal flowers.
When they attend parties or perform on stage, they put on white makeup as shown in the photo, and meet, attend to, and generally entertain guests.
Reservation is available at Kyoto Hotel Okura.

Takasegawa river

The Takase River begins to flow calmly from the side of the hotel.
The river promoted the shipping business to transport goods from Kyoto to Fushimi, and it is also known as the setting of "Takasebune", one of Ougai Mori's novels.