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Party & Conference Q&A

Q.Can we use Internet connections in the banquet halls?

A: High-speed Internet connection service is available in all banquet halls at our hotel. There are two connection methods: the wireless LAN and wired LAN.

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Q.Recently, we frequently hear the word "MICE". What is "MICE"?

A: "MICE" is a coined word consisting of the initial letters of "Meeting (conference, training)", "Incentive" (commendation, award, invitation tour), Convention/Conference (event, assembly, study meeting) and Exhibition (product exhibition). Kyoto Hotel Okura will meet a wide spectrum of needs for MICE services.

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Q.We intend to hold a party. What kinds of dishes are recommended?

A: Kyoto Hotel Okura provides directly-managed restaurants that include Japanese and Chinese cuisine, so that each restaurant can propose their recommended dishes according to the party hall and the style, covering from a few members to a large number of attendants. Try to taste various party dishes that the general chef, Akira Zenyoji, recommends with his utmost confidence.

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Q.We are considering a party to be held outside the hotel. Can you offer catering services?

A: We can offer a set of hotel party menus including catering dishes, services, and setup for various parties, covering from building construction completion/reception parties and various meetings.

Q.We are considering a party to be held for a memorial service in the hotel. What kind of party is possible?

A: We can cope with various scales of parties, covering from a few members to a large number of attendants of 1,000 people, such as a corporate farewell party and a party in memory of someone who has passed away.

Q.How much is the parking charge when we attend a party?

A: When a party attendant uses the parking area in the hotel, we will issue a ticket for free parking that lasts 4 hours. If you use the parking area longer than 4 hours, we will issue an additional free ticket according to the time of use during a party.

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